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Vietnam Silver House Introduction

Silversmiths in Vietnam are famous for their skilled hands and their tireless creativity. Many big silver brands in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, ... has their products made by silver factories in Vietnam because of prestige. However, in the domestic market, because of cost domination, or price competition, … silver jewelry brands in Vietnam are not well known and appreciated by domestic customers and internationally.  And because of that concern, Vietnam Silver House was established.


With over 22 years of experience, from a factory and also a wholesale silver jewelry store in Saigon - Cho Lon, Vietnam Silver House was established in early 2018, cherished the dream to bring the quintessence of silver-work in Vietnam to introduce to international friends, as well as bringing the special culture in silver-work closer to the daily life of  Vietnamese people.

Silversmith of Vietnam Silver House is instructing tourists how to weld a ring. (Source: Vietnam Silver House)

At Vietnam Silver House, tourists will get a chance to visit:

  • “Traditional Silver-work” Exhibition room: where you will learn about the history and the development of Silver Industry in Vietnam, find yourself lost in the middle of famous traditional silver making villages and their famous handicraft products, such as jewelries, decoration or household appliances,… 
    Not only that, customers will also understand the meaning use of silver in 
    Vietnamese people's daily life.

The history and development of Silver Industry in Vietnam attract tourists. (Source: Vietnam Silver House)

                   The history and development of Silver Industry in Vietnam attract tourists. (Source: Vietnam Silver House)

  • Documentary movie room: This is where customers will witness the mass production of VSH silver products. From sketch to completion. 

  • Workshop: Visitors will be able to see from simple to complicated techniques such as grinding, filing, polishing, welding and exchange knowledge with skilled artisans. Especially, you can transform yourself into "Jeweler" by directly making your own silver jewelry at Vietnam Silver House. You will be guided by the artisans here to create their own products that best suited your needs.

  • Showroom: With all the essence of the silver industry, showroom is the place to display all the high-end silver jewelry products that collected from the silver villages by Vietnam Silver House, as well as the products that VSH has sketched by manipulates ideas from images that very familiar to Vietnamese culture such as straw hat, ao dai (Vietnamese traditional dress), dragonfly, lantern ... extremely unique and sophisticated.

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Tourist passionately making his own jewelry in our Silver Making Class. (Source: Vietnam Silver House)

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“The Silver-work in Vietnam” tour


90-minute “Silver Making Class”


Address: 68 Nghia Thuc Street, Ward 5, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City

Time: 8.00AM – 5.30PM everyday.

Guide: English/Vietnamese.

Hotline: 028 3924 6568

Email: [email protected]

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